PROJECT OWNER: Special Areas Board
PROJECT LOCATION: Road over Berry Creek, west of Wardlow, AB
PROJECT SCHEDULE: October – November, 2009



The Special Areas is a rural municipality in Southeastern Alberta. Under the Special Areas Act, the Special Areas Board is responsible for the administration of approximately 2.6 million acres of public land within the area. These lands consist of 1.6 million acres of Crown land and one million acres of Tax Recovery land. The Special Areas Board leases these lands to local farmers and ranchers for grazing and cultivation purposes.

The scope of work for this project was to replace an existing bridge that consisted of a pony truss and two timber end spans with a new 3 span (8.53m – 12.8m – 8.53m) SL precast girder bridge founded on driven steel H-piles and steel caps. Also included in the scope of work was the demolition/disposal of the existing structure and the removal of an adjacent low-level crossing, roadway work and heavy rock riprap bank protection.

Although the contract called for the road to be closed to the traveling public by utilizing a detour route designated by the owner, Carmacks recognized the owner’s concerns for the impact that the detour would have on the local rancher’s day to day operations. Carmacks responded by altering our work plan to coordinate with the rancher’s activities. As a result, Carmacks was able to maintain traffic through the site by utilizing the adjacent low level crossing and early usage of the new structure.

Carmacks completed the project on November 21, 2009 which was significantly ahead of the contract completion date of March 31, 2010.

The Special Areas Board and their Consultant conveyed their appreciation for the quality of workmanship, Carmacks’ proactive approach to maintaining traffic through the site during construction and accommodating the local rancher’s daily activities.