PROJECT OWNER: Government of Saskatchewan
PROJECT LOCATION: Hwy 13 over Rock Creek at Shaunavon, SK
Hwy 165 over Bear River at Prince Albert, SK
Hwy 48 over Unnamed Streams ( 2 Locations) near Kipling, SK
Hwy 33 over Unnamed Stream Near Kronau, SK
PROJECT SCHEDULE: November 2011 – April 2012
PROJECT VALUE: $3,064,160



Carmacks bid and was awarded four contracts to construct five bridges. The general scope of work for these projects was to demolish and construct new bridges on the existing highway network.

The work involved construction of single span bridges at four locations and one two span structure. Commencement of construction was delayed as Carmacks was requested to complete extra work on another project for the Government of Saskatchewan. Carmacks commenced construction of the first structure in November 2011 and completed construction of all five bridges by April 2012 with the exception of paving work which could not be completed until May of that year.

Although the work on some of the structures was not completed before the contract completion date, Carmacks considers the project to be a success as the work was completed in a timely fashion once under way while maintaining a high standard of quality.