PROJECT LOCATION: Bridge over Nigel Creek at Highway 93N (Icefields Parkway), km 108.6, Banff National Park
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2008 – June 2009


PROJECT VALUE: $1,259,192


The Nigel Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Project involved numerous repair items including removal of the existing ACP wearing surface on the bridge deck and approach roadways, expansion deck joint replacement, drainage modifications, application of a waterproofing membrane, repaving with hot mix ACP, bridge rail repairs, approach guardrail replacement, clean and metalize bearings, partial and full depth concrete repairs to various bridge elements, and clean and seal concrete.

The remote location and high altitude of this bridge site presented some unique challenges in the areas of safety and scheduling. Carmacks managed to complete the work on time in spite of the shorter construction season at this site while ensuring that the safety of the public and workers remained a priority. Fall protection was used extensively throughout the project as an extremely steep and long drop existed from the structure to the creek below. Our crew worked with a sense of urgency knowing that most of the work was weather dependent and had to be completed while mild ambient temperatures existed. In addition, in order to accommodate the large volume of traffic, the project had to be completed in two stages as a single lane of alternating traffic had to be maintained through the site at all times.

Carmacks was able to complete the project in a single construction season, returning the following year to clean up some minor deficiencies.