PROJECT OWNER: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure
PROJECT LOCATION: Hwy 201 over the Qu’Appelle River – approximately 150km east of Regina, SK
PROJECT SCHEDULE: January to March, 2010



This project involved the replacement of a bridge carrying Hwy 201 over the Qu’Appelle River east of Regina. The existing bridge was a clear span concrete arch with suspended deck that was replaced by a three span precast girder bridge with ACP (asphalt concrete pavement) wearing surface on precast pile caps, steel pipe piles and treated timber backwalls.

The work was scheduled for the winter months because ice on the river was needed as a working surface for both the demolition and driving the new pier piles. Once the Qu’Appelle River naturally froze over, Carmacks ‘built ice’ by repetitive flooding of the work area beneath the structure until adequate ice thickness was achieved. During construction Hwy 201 was closed to traffic at the site and detoured around on existing roadways.

Our subcontractors included McColman & Sons for the demolition work and Red Deer Piling for pile driving. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways supplied the materials for the new bridge and construction proceeded very smoothly. The project was scheduled to take 60 days to complete but was completed in only 48 days with a couple of additional days the following summer for the ACP wearing surface work.

This was Carmacks first significant bridge project in Saskatchewan operating under a new specification; the Ministry and Consultant were impressed with the professionalism and quality of workmanship. They were extremely pleased with the finished product.