PROJECT LOCATION: Southeast of Conklin, AB
PROJECT SCHEDULE: May to September, 2012
PROJECT VALUE: $5,500,000



This project involved stabilization of the sub-grade, encompassing the total plant site area of Jackfish 3, a SAGD plant. This included stabilization under the storage tanks to a 1 meter depth under the carriage ways to a 3 MPA strength and all roadways, parking areas and blow-down ponds to a 300mm depth.

This project was negotiated with Devon Energy over the winter of 2011/2012 with the original intention of stabilizing all of the fill materials using lime and cement stabilization in areas where there were higher silt contents. As the fill materials were largely placed commencing from January on, the greatest fills were already completed prior to Carmacks undertaking stabilization in May. This reduced the opportunity to stabilize all the fills but in turn created the situation where the surface stabilization had to compensate for extremely wet, yielding sub-grade. This resulted in reduced stabilization but increased cement usage, allowing the owner to access the stabilized area within 1-2 days (after gravel placement); for example tank construction commenced two days after stabilization.

The project was very successful for Devon and they expect to reduce their construction time and maintenance, indicating that they will proceed with this process for all of their future plant sites.