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PROJECT OWNER: Thorhild County
PROJECT LOCATION: Radway & Thorhild, Alberta
PROJECT SCHEDULE: February to August 2019
PROJECT VALUE: $3,700,000


Carmacks teamed up with CIMA+ for the design of four bridges on this design-build contract for the County of Thorhild. The work included designing four single span bridges with cast-in-place concrete abutments to replace existing timber bridges which were washed out the year before. The chosen design was a Saskatchewan style bridge with 18m and 15m long box girders, side mounted tube rail and flared out guardrail end terminals. The County wanted the new bridges to be wider with a clear roadway width of 11m to meet the needs of large farm machinery. This meant the adjacent roads needed to be widened to accommodate the new bridge and guardrail. 

Water proved to be the biggest challenge for this project on two separate occasions. When the snow began to melt and the ice let go in early April, the creek crested its banks and flooded the work area bringing work to a stop until the water receded. The second occasion occurred during the rainy season of June and July. The persistent rain hampered road widening efforts and pushed the project past the final completion date. 

Construction started in February of 2019 and work was completed by August of that same year, a week behind schedule and within budget. MPA Engineering and the County were pleased with the finished product and it was a pleasure working with them on this project. 

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