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Highway 19 – Twinning

PROJECT OWNERS: Remington Development Corp. (Prime), Alberta Transportation and Edmonton International Airport (IEA)
PROJECT LOCATION: Hwy 19:10 and Hwy 2:32 Nisku, AB
PROJECT SCHEDULE: May 2017 to Summer 2019
PROJECT VALUE: $19,000,000


Hwy 19 is a high volume, high load corridor connecting Hwy 2 from Nisku to Hwy 60 at Devon. The project involves twinning and widening 2.2 km of new roadway from 2 to 6 lanes. Additional work includes relocating 1.5 km of the north section of Airport Perimeter Road leading into the airport terminal. New east bound lanes were constructed while the existing roadway was widened and became the new west bound lanes. Hwy 2 ramps connecting to Hwy 19 were also realigned and widened. 

Grading, intersection improvements, construct new intersections, granular base course, asphalt concrete pavement, access improvements, line painting, roadway lighting, traffic signals, utility adjustment and relocation, concrete work for curbs and medians, guardrail work, drainage and catch basins and traffic and detour management. 

No disturbance of traffic on existing highway surface was permitted prior to the completion of new east bound lanes. Once the new east bound lanes were constructed, traffic transitioned onto the new east bound lanes while maintaining two lane/two way traffic, to accommodate widening along the existing roadway structure. 

The project fell within the flight path of the international airport runway. Due to the proximity of the runway, a 7.6m height restriction throughout the entire project was imposed to ensure the safety of landing aircraft. 

Due to the high traffic volumes along Hwy 2 (>88,000 AADT), 800 meters of portable steel barriers were used to provide safe separation from traffic and the work zone. The barriers were installed and removed within one night each, requiring only two nights of lane closures along Hwy 2. 

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