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Hwy 28 Twinning – North of Gibbons to North of Redwater, AB

PROJECT OWNER: Alberta Transportation (AT 11194)
PROJECT LOCATION: Hwy 28 – North of Gibbons to North of Redwater
PROJECT SCHEDULE: September 2015 to October 2016
PROJECT VALUE: $33,813,576.65



The scope of work for this 27 km section of the Hwy 28 was to widen roadway from Km. 1.44 to Km. 13.9, overlay the existing roadway from m. 13.9 to Km. 28.4 and to realign the Lily Lake, Redwater, Kerensky Curves and realign the Hwy 38/Redwater access. The project carried estimate quantities of 1,048,700m³ excavation, cold milling 302,400 m2, 238,100 tonne GBC, 128,100 tonne ACP, signing, painting and bridge repairs.

Originally, the biggest challenge was that Hwy 28 is part of the corridor/high load route to Fort McMurray and the oil sands with high traffic volumes. The project was further complicated by weather. Frequent rain storms hampered the ability to construct the new grade to pass on to surfacing crews. Adding to the challenges the grading contractor on the project went into receivership.

Due to the above conditions Carmacks required a number of mobilizations on the project. Once the grading contractor was no longer able to perform Carmacks forces also completed the grading work.

The project was completed in December of 2017, fourteen months behind schedule.

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