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Hwy 986, North of Peace River, Alberta

PROJECT OWNER: Alberta Transportation
PROJECT LOCATION: Hwy 986, North of Peace River
PROJECT SCHEDULE: Scheduled Completion 2018
PROJECT VALUE: $7,915,920


The project, located N. of Peace River, spanned 16.5 Kms from Hwy 743 to Hwy 688. While mostly mill and overlay work, the project included upgrades to the Hwy 743 intersection (lighting) and the Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI) intersection (lighting, C&G-R&R). 

Work consisted of Erosion Repair, R & R Curb & Gutter, Median Surfacing, Shallow Mill and Fill Crack Repair, Cold Milling, Paving, R&R Guardrail installation, Street Lighting. 

Tendered in mid-November, 2017 the Project came with a 2018 completion date. Due to scheduling issues with sub-contractors and successful bids, only the lighting, crack repair and flat works we completed by late October 2018, with all other work pushed into the spring of 2019. The biggest challenge was paving the hill leading down to the bridge over the Peace River and up the other side, approximately 8 kms in length. Guardrail had to be removed until paving was complete leaving no barrier to protect highway traffic. The existing guardrail was to be replaced with cable rail but that system can be an added hazard on curves in an accident. W-beam rail was used as an alternate. 

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