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61 Avenue Rehabilitation

PROJECT OWNER: City of Edmonton
PROJECT LOCATION: 61 Avenue from 109 Street to Gateway Boulevard
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2017 to October 2017
PROJECT VALUE: $2,000,000


The 61 Avenue Rehabilitation project revitalized a 1.3km long high traffic corridor that runs from 109 Street to Gateway Boulevard. This area consists of residential, commercial, and light industrial sites.

The scope of work included upgrades to existing drainage utilities, complete concrete replacement down the entire length of the corridor, full depth reclamation, cold milling, and asphalt paving. Additionally, the outside lanes running from 106 to 109 Street required a full depth reconstruction due to the drastic amount of damage caused from the high volumes of bus/truck traffic.

Construction broke ground in early June. Aside from dealing with the high volumes of traffic, the job also faced challenges with large amounts of rainfall and a multitude of extremely shallow utilities. Despite these challenges a full completion was achieved by the middle of October.

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