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City of Edmonton – Long Term Neighbourhood Renewal 8.2

PROJECT OWNER: City of Edmonton
PROJECT LOCATION: Year 1 – Queen Alexandra / Year 2 – Queen Alexandra / Year 3 – Queen Alexandra / Year 4 – Spruce Ave / Year 5 – Spruce Ave & McDougall
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2015 to October 2019
PROJECT VALUE: Year 1 – $ 512,000.00 / Year 2 – $ 335,000.00 / Year 3 – $ 229,000.00 / Year 4 – $ 321,000.00 / Year 5 – $ 676,000.00 


 Carmacks Enterprises has been working with Standard General for the last five years of this six year project, performing the FDR (Full Depth Reclamation) portion of work for the Long Term Neighbourhood Renewal program. Each year varying quantities are set aside for the FDR process which include pre-pulverization of the existing roadway, balancing grade to allow for the new asphalt structure, removal of excess material, followed by the FDR procedure. The FDR process involves direct injection of asphalt oil and cement binder, mixing, re-compacting to meet the specified required density. 

Some sections were more complicated than others while working in an established neighbourhood environment. Varying obstacles such as over hanging trees, multiple manholes, and vaults (Telus, ATCO, EPCOR, etc.) were encountered and varied between neighbourhoods. Each section of work performed had to be clean and opened to traffic at night for the residents to park their vehicles & to accommodate morning traffic flow so the day-to-day impact of construction is minimized for residents. 

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