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ICE District Public Realm

PROJECT LOCATION: 10220 104 avenue NW
PROJECT SCHEDULE: April 2018 to December 2019
PROJECT VALUE: $15,299,032.05


Role: Carmacks was the Prime Contractor on this project. 

Relevance: The ICE District project was a negotiated contract in collaboration with PCL as a partner. The negotiation with the Katz group was based on the previous work on the Rogers Place Arena. Carmacks took on the role of prime contractor and overall management of the civil construction delivery and coordination of associated works. The scope of work included full depth road reconstruction, storm drainage infrastructure, soil cell and associated drainage, soft landscape, streetscape components including decorative concrete and decorative street lighting. 

The site construction was very unique being there were two skyscrapers being completed in the midst of the civil work. This created a multitude of scheduling conflicts that helped demonstrate Carmacks ability to adapt to changing conditions to avoid costly delays. These factors also show Carmacks ability to foresee schedule losses and positive reaction resulting in meeting all required completion dates. 

Requirements Met: 

• Removal and disposal of existing concrete work. Site grading.
• Supply and install of decorative/ colored concrete work.
• Roadway reconstruction, granular base course, cold milling and asphalt overlay.
• Surface drainage infrastructure complete with perched manholes onto live systems.
• Soil cell installation with drainage system. Softscape, trees, shrubs, topsoil, sod placement.
• Illuminated and standard bollards, benches, bike racks and other site furnishing.
• Paving stones.
• Electrical – secondary power feeds complete with cabinetry and decorative street lighting.
• Construction coordination with utility companies in an urban city environment.
• Public engagement and traffic accommodation during construction. 

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