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Leduc County – 2019 Road Program

PROJECT LOCATION: 8 Street Nisku (30 Ave to 41 Ave), Hilltop Estates Subdivision, Twin Peak Estates Subdivision, Silver Bear Estates Subdivision
PROJECT VALUE: $4,310,000


The 2019 Road Program was the second of a three year program focusing on the revitalization of Township and Range Roads throughout Leduc County. Work included culvert replacements, spot base repairs, cement stabilizing, granular base course, milling, and asphalt paving. Work commenced at the end of May and was completed ahead of schedule in early October. In total Carmacks crews completed: 

• 61,000 m2 of Cement Stabilizing
• 26,500 tonnes of Granular Base Course
• 16,500 tonnes of Asphalt Paving 

This was the 6th time in the last 7 years that Carmacks has completed the Roads Program for Leduc County. Throughout this time frame, Carmacks crews have completed 840,000 m2 of Cement Stabilized Subgrade, along with 230,000 tonnes of Asphalt Paving. All six of these programs have been carried out by the same core management team within Carmacks, which has led to continuous improvement across all aspects of construction. 

Working in conjunction with Leduc County we have been able to evolve this into an extremely successful program. 

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