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Parkview Crescent, Stage 2 Calmar, AB

PROJECT OWNER: The Town of Calmar, AB
PROJECT LOCATION: North-west Calmar


 This project was for the removal and reconstruction of a portion of the Parkview Crescent residential roadway in the Town of Calmar. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of the existing asphalt, curb & gutter, and monolithic walks as specified in the schedule of quantities and the detailed design drawings. This project was approximately 300 lm in length with about 26 homes located on this street. As access had to be maintained throughout construction for fire protection and local access the solution was to reconstruct the street one half at a time using the other side for local traffic. 

This project was under scrutiny by the owner and engineer as it was a carryover project from the previous year which was not completed by another contractor who eventually declared bankruptcy. The failure to complete the work and poor performance by the bankrupt contractor caused many complaints from the residents to the Town of Calmar. 

Carmacks was able to complete this project safely on schedule and under budget while providing access for the residents resulting in a satisfied owner and engineer. 

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