PROJECT OWNER: City of Edmonton
PROJECT LOCATION: Stony Plain Road from 158 Street to 149 Street
PROJECT SCHEDULE: May 2013 to November 2014



The Stony Plain Road Streetscape is part of a broader plan by the City of Edmonton to rehabilitate and improve the downtown core and arterial streets that feed into downtown.

This is a two year project consisting of replacement of existing sidewalks with coloured patterned sidewalks, installing decorative street furniture and lighting including cast in place seating walls with integrated LED lighting and benches. There is also paving work including coloured stamped asphalt on side streets to mimic a cobble stone street. Unique to this project is the installation of a Silva Cell bio retention system below ground. This is designed to create a better environment for street level trees by allowing proper root growth and health below the sidewalk. The transformation also involves turning one of the side streets, 152 Street, into an urban parkette. Vehicle traffic will be blocked and replaced with an open pedestrian plaza, complete with seating areas and planting beds.

The scope and location of the project created some challenges. Stony Plain Road is home to many locally owned small businesses and Carmacks had to maintain access at all times. This was accomplished by construction of wooden walkways and bridges allowing pedestrians to move freely throughout the site. Signs were also placed at the project limits informing the public that stores were still open for business.

Work began in the spring of 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2014. When it is completed it is the goal of the City of Edmonton that this once dreary area will become a trendy stop, encouraging foot traffic and public events.

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