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Town of Stony Plain – Main Street Downtown Redevelopment Phase 3 & 4

PROJECT OWNER: Town of Stony Plain
PROJECT LOCATION: 50th to 52nd Ave. on 50st
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2019 to October 2020
PROJECT VALUE: Phase 3 – $3,618,286 / Phase 4 – $5,209,176 


The Intention of the Stony Plain Downtown Redevelopment Project is to upgrade and expand upon current infrastructure while minimizing the impacts of construction on local business. An important consideration to the design was to maintain the small town feel of historic downtown for the residents, business’s, and visitors, while providing an updated look and function to Main Street. Maintaining pedestrian access to each store affected during store hours is mandatory with modification to traffic/ business accommodation and scheduling revolving around this. Construction fencing with a shroud and night lighting attached encompassed the perimeter of the site keeping the work area and the general public safe and separated, with several road closures required. 

The work involves (Phase 3) 

• Removal and replacement of deep utilities (storm, water, and sanitary), as well as the addition of new storm utilities.
– Temporary water for all business’s affected.
– 200m of removal and replacement of water main including installation of 4 water valves.
– 10 catch basins installed.
– Removal and replacement of 105m of storm main as well as 130m of leads installed.
– 245m of cured in place pipe liner on existing sanitary mains. 

• Removal and replacement of concrete structures including modernized stamped concrete with sandblasted borders.
– 440m of curb and gutter, 390m2 of stamped coloured concrete of side walk and boardwalk, 445m2 of sidewalk (grey), 860m of sandblasted concrete finishing. 

• Removal and replacement of trees with a soil cell network which will utilize rain water to irrigate the newly planted trees. o 245m2 of soil cells
– 12 tree pits constructed in sidewalk. 

• Removal and replacement of street lighting and installation of street furniture.
– Removal of 14 street lights and installation of 18.
– Installation of 12 tree grates, 4 waste receptacles, and 2 bike racks. 

• Addition of ambient street lighting (bollards and seated benches).
– 47 bollards with LED lighting.
– 7 bench’s with LED lighting. 

• Addition of new landscape features.
– 14 Planters with hundreds of perennials of 4 different types planted. 

• Full reconstruct of roadway.
– Removal and replacement of unsuitable material.
– Cement stabilization.
– Large gravel structure with pavement of 2 lifts. 

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