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TWP RD 554/Cardiff Road Corridor Improvements

PROJECT OWNER: Sturgeon County
PROJECT LOCATION: Cardiff Road from RR 252 to RR 251
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2017 to November 2017
PROJECT VALUE: $2,300,000


The TWP RD 554/ Cardiff Road Corridor Improvement project was a full reconstruct of existing asphalt road, gravel driveways  and regrading of the existing ditch and culverts. Also included was the reconstruction of the Cardiff water fill station.

Approximately 1.8km of road was completed, including cement stabilizing, GBC spread and roll and final lift paving. This  included both a rural section utilizing a 4:1 ditch grade as well an urban section using standard and reverse curb and gutter to  direct run-off water to several spillways. A 2km, 3-meter-wide walking trail was constructed running parallel to the road,  connecting the residents to Cardiff Park.

The Cardiff Road project came with multiple challenges. The majority of these issues were with the utility operating companies  within the town which include: Alta Gas/Alta Link/Fortis/Shaw/TELUS/Tidewater Gas/Bell. The majority of these companies  had installed county standards. utility This resulted in  lines many years prior to this reconstruct and were unware of the discovery of a large number of unidentified lines or shallow utilities how the lines were installed or if  which slowethey met d down  construction drastically due to the inability to preform scheduled task because of conflicts.

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