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It is the policy of Carmacks to develop, produce and deliver products and services which consistently conform to customer requirements, and to pursue the goal of 100% error-free performance through product, process and management quality development.

Carmacks has a management philosophy for construction contracting that is founded on two key principles; one of them drives our internal management process, the other defines how we relate to the external partners and stakeholders involved in the strategic alliance created by any contract.

Internal – Quality is Priority

Internally, Carmacks is committed to quality – in our procedures, our products and services, and our relationships with our staff and subcontractors. This means that:

  • we set high standards for performance (with management and employee input);
  • we create processes and procedures that will best support the achievement of those standards;
  • we measure performance according to those standards and run stringent  QC (quality control) programs.

External – Partnering Towards Shared Success

Carmacks’ external processes are driven by a commitment to partnering. We strive to build relationships with our business partners based on trust, collaboration and good will, and we seek common goals with our fellow project participants.  Our partnering approach relies on a structured system to develop a spirit of teamwork and cooperation through:

  • shared goals;
  • open communication and problem identification;
  • established conflict resolution procedures; and,
  • monitoring of the team performance.
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