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The scope of work performed by the Municipal Division encompasses large scale industrial stabilization projects, multi-million dollar roadway and neighborhood rehabilitations, FDR-FA cold recycling, urban and rural subdivision developments, airport projects, arterial roads, parking lot development and concrete services.


July 2017 to June 2019

The scope of work for this project was to improve the intersection at Manning Drive and 18th Street. The project involved the widening of the existing highway to construct new turning lanes, the installation of concrete islands, new traffic signals and street lighting, complete overlay paving of 700 meters and new pavement markings.

June 2017 – Nov 2017

The 2017 Leduc Capital Works Project was a rehabilitation project in the City of Leduc with three Locations.42 Street – Involved road widening, hydrant extension, milling and asphalt overlay.

Oct 2015 to Dec 2016

Carmacks entered into contract with PCL late summer of 2015 for the landscape and civil works of the newly designed Rogers Place, the much anticipated home of the Edmonton Oilers. The scope of work is defined as a prime contractor with several sub trade disciplines under the management of Carmacks.

 June to October 2017

The 61 Avenue Rehabilitation project revitalized a 1.3km long high traffic corridor that runs from 109 Street to Gateway Boulevard. This area consists of residential, commercial, and light industrial sites.

 June 2017 to November 2017

The TWP RD 554/ Cardiff Road Corridor Improvement project was a full reconstruct of existing asphalt road, gravel driveways  and regrading of the existing ditch and culverts. Also included was the reconstruction of the Cardiff water fill station.

 June 2017 to September 2017

 The 2017 Leduc Capital Concrete Project was a rehabilitation project in the City of Leduc. The project featured concrete, landscaping, electrical and asphalt paving. 

April 2018 to August 2019

 This project entailed the upgrade of a 1.4km section of existing gravel road to a four lane arterial in order to establish access to the new Century Mile Casino and Premium Outlet Collection Mall. The scope of work included the placement of 2500 lineal meters of curb and gutter and 5400 square meters of median infill, for a total of approximately 1000 cubic meters of concrete. It also included paving 10,500 tonnes of 20mm-B and 4000 tonnes of 10mm-HT, for a total of 14,500 tonnes of ACP.

 August 2018

 The 2018 Road Program was the first of a three year program focusing on the revitalization of Township and Range Roads throughout Leduc County. Work included culvert replacements, spot base repairs, cement stabilizing, granular base course, milling, and asphalt paving. 

 June 2018 to July 2019

 The intention, in addition to improve infrastructure, of the Stony Plain Downtown Redevelopment Project is to build upon the existing small-town feel in historic downtown for the residents, businesses, and visitors. 

 June to September 2019

 This project was a complete rehabilitation of 124th Avenue and part of the Yellowhead Freeway Conversion program. Carmacks replaced 1.5km of standard curb and gutters and installed 750 LM of 2.5m wide monowalk on the south side to provide safe passage for pedestrians. Simultaneously, Carmacks replaced 1100m2 of commercial accesses while maintaining traffic into the businesses. 

 September 2018 to October 2019

Carmacks Municipal team partnered with the Highway Division to execute this project. Carmacks Municipal performed roughly 425,000 m2 of highway milling, 16,000 tonne of asphalt paving as well as various minor concrete repairs. Milling and paving work were carried out at night due to the high traffic volume on the various raodways. In order to provide workers with a safe work zone a traffic accommodation plan was implemented and set up each night and taken down every morning. 

Summer 2020

This project was for the removal and reconstruction of a portion of the Parkview Crescent residential roadway in the Town of Calmar. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of the existing asphalt, curb & gutter, and monolithic walks as specified in the schedule of quantities and the detailed design drawings. This project was approximately 300 lm in length with about 26 homes located on this street. 

June 2015 to October 2019

 Carmacks Enterprises has been working with Standard General for the last five years of this six year project, performing the FDR (Full Depth Reclamation) portion of work for the Long Term Neighbourhood Renewal program. Each year varying quantities are set aside for the FDR process which include pre-pulverization of the existing roadway, balancing grade to allow for the new asphalt structure, removal of excess material, followed by the FDR procedure. The FDR process involves direct injection of asphalt oil and cement binder, mixing, re-compacting to meet the specified required density. 

April 2018 to December 2019

 The ICE District project was a negotiated contract in collaboration with PCL as a partner. The negotiation with the Katz group was based on the previous work on the Rogers Place Arena. Carmacks took on the role of prime contractor and overall management of the civil construction delivery and coordination of associated works. 

October 2019

 The 2019 Road Program was the second of a three year program focusing on the revitalization of Township and Range Roads throughout Leduc County. Work included culvert replacements, spot base repairs, cement stabilizing, granular base course, milling, and asphalt paving. Work commenced at the end of May and was completed ahead of schedule in early October. 

June 2019 to October 2019

The 2019 Road Program was the rehabilitation of Main Street in the Hamlet of New Sarepta. Work included storm sewer installation, ditch grading, removal of hydrocarbons and placing of a liner to control hydrocarbons, granular base course, replacement of concrete curbs/walks, and asphalt paving. 

June 2019 to October 2020

The Intention of the Stony Plain Downtown Redevelopment Project is to upgrade and expand upon current infrastructure while minimizing the impacts of construction on local business. An important consideration to the design was to maintain the small town feel of historic downtown for the residents, business’s, and visitors, while providing an updated look and function to Main Street. 

July 2019 to October 2019

 Carmacks was the Prime Contractor for this project. The Sturgeon County program was released late spring and consisted of reconstructing and widening existing roads in several rural neighborhoods. The grading work was subcontracted to Doblanko’s Contracting and all other remaining work was carried out by Carmacks. 20mm gravel was placed up to 300mm depth on the roads and driveway ties followed by 100mm of hot mix asphalt. Side sloping and landscape restoration completed the work on the project. 

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