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City of Leduc Contract #3 2017 Leduc Capital Concrete

PROJECT OWNER: City of Leduc
PROJECT LOCATION: 1 Alexandra Park / 50th Street and 47 Avenue
PROJECT SCHEDULE: June 2017 to September 2017


 The 2017 Leduc Capital Concrete Project was a rehabilitation project in the City of Leduc. The project featured concrete, landscaping, electrical and asphalt paving. Construction was divided into two areas: 

1) Leduc Civic Centre Improvements – Concrete and landscaping replacement was completed to The City of Leduc’s municipal building front entrance. The project included the installation of 240m of Root Barrier Sub-Drain underneath the landscaping and concrete areas to address the Centre’s problems with high moisture conditions in the existing soil. 

2) 50th Street Bus Stop Improvements – A concrete bus stop was constructed to allow for busses to pull off of one Leduc’s busiest arterials and provide a safe and accessible loading zone for public transit. 

Both areas required a significant focus on pedestrian accommodation. The bus stop had a children’s playground and Spray Park within 50m. The Civic Centre had daily pedestrian traffic from the public and City of Leduc Staff and entrances were critical to be open during business hours. Working with the City of Leduc, accommodations were put in place to facilitate separation between construction activities and pedestrian movement. Work that required the closure of critical entrances was scheduled to take place outside of office hours. 

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