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Leduc County – 2018 Road Program

PROJECT LOCATION: RR 234 (Hwy 625 to Twp 510) / RR 233 (Airport Road South 1 Mile) / Joe Lake Road (Twp 502 to Twp 504) / Joe Lake Road (Hwy 623 to Twp 500) / Thorsby Bypass Road / 5 Street Nisku (Airport Road to Tracks)
PROJECT SCHEDULE: Tender Completion: October 31, 2018, Actual Completion: August 10, 2018
PROJECT VALUE: $4,527,000


 The 2018 Road Program was the first of a three year program focusing on the revitalization of Township and Range Roads throughout Leduc County. Work included culvert replacements, spot base repairs, cement stabilizing, granular base course, milling, and asphalt paving. Work commenced at the end of May and was completed ahead of schedule in early August. In total Carmacks crews completed: 

• 43,000 m2 of Cement Stabilizing
• 15,500 tonnes of Granular Base Course
• 102,000 m2 of Cold Milling
• 22,250 tonnes of Asphalt Paving 

Working in conjunction with Leduc County and Nilex, Carmacks completed four trial sections of roadway using ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt. The goal of this innovative product is to increase strength, rut/crack resistance, and ultimately the lifespan of the pavement by adding millions of aramid fibers directly into to the asphalt mix. These fibers were dosed into the asphalt right at the plant during the production where we worked closely with Nilex on QA/QC to ensure the production of a consident, properly blended homogenous mix. Test sections of fibre reinforced asphalt were paved next to sections with conventional asphalt where they can be evaluated and compared against each other over time. 

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