The scope of work performed by the Municipal Division encompasses large scale industrial stabilization projects, multi-million dollar roadway and neighborhood rehabilitations, FDR-FA cold recycling, urban and rural subdivision developments, airport projects, arterial roads, parking lot development and concrete services.



 Oct 2015 to Dec 2016

Carmacks entered into contract with PCL late summer of 2015 for the landscape and civil works of the newly designed Rogers Place, the much anticipated home of the Edmonton Oilers. The scope of work is defined as a prime contractor with several sub trade disciplines under the management of Carmacks.

 June to November 2016

This project was a full reconstruction of a highly complex and unique streetscape and a continuation of work previously done on Wetaskiwin’s main street. Work included excavation, storm sewer and water line replacement, full electrical replacement, cement stabilization, granular base course, regular and decorative concrete work as well as street paving.

 May – October 2016

2016 was the fourth consecutive year that Carmacks was awarded the Leduc County Surfacing Program contract which included 16 locations spread throughout the county. Work included spot base repairs, cement stabilizing, milling, and asphalt paving. Ten out of the sixteen locations completed focussed on rehabilitating the main streets throughout the Nisku Industrial Park. This included 7th Street, 24th Avenue, 15th Avenue, 6th Street, 18th Avenue, 17th Avenue, 30th Avenue, 18A Avenue, 14th Avenue, and 15A Avenue. Other notable locations include overlaying 8.2km of Glen Park Road, and reconstruction of RR 232 and RR 233 between Hwy 625 and Twp 510.

 June 2015 to November 2015

The 50 Avenue/46 Street Intersection Improvement project was a full reconstruction of the highly complex and unique intersection that to most of the city was known as “confusion corner”. This project consisted of widening 46 Street, widening 50 Avenue across the railway tracks, and installing a new interactive traffic light system complete with vehicle and pedestrian detection.
Work consisted of excavation, storm sewer replacement, cement stabilization, granular base course, concrete, and paving.

May 2013 to November 2014

The Stony Plain Road Streetscape is part of a broader plan by the City of Edmonton to rehabilitate and improve the downtown core and arterial streets that feed into downtown. This is a two year project consisting of replacement of existing sidewalks with coloured patterned sidewalks, installing decorative street furniture and lighting including cast in place seating walls with integrated LED lighting and benches.

October 2013

Pike Lodge is the second project Carmacks has undertaken for Devon Energy. The first project was in 2012 at the Jackfish 3 SAGD plant site. The Lodge was similar construction to Jackfish 3; soil stabilization of the top 300mm of subgrade throughout the site access roads and parking areas.

May to September, 2012

This project involved stabilization of the sub-grade, encompassing the total plant site area of Jackfish 3, a SAGD plant. This included stabilization under the storage tanks to a 1 meter depth under the carriage ways to a 3 MPA strength and all roadways, parking areas and blow-down ponds to a 300mm depth.

April 2010 to November, 2010

The Villenuve Airport Hanger Development included taxiway extensions, the installation of a new service road as well as an extensive electrical program.
Work began in the spring of 2010 with the electrical and earthworks scope followed by the completion of the GBC and asphalt in the fall of 2010.